Versace Eros Aftershave Balm, Fresh, 3.4 Oz



Experience luxury and harness the power of a Greek god with Versace Eros Aftershave Balm, Fresh, 3.4 Oz. This refreshing after-shave balm has an invigorating and soothing effect post-shave, and it leaves skin feeling soft, comfortable, and intensely refreshed. Imbued with the scent of Versace Eros, it embodies vitality, heroic strength, and overwhelming passion. Its oriental woody essence, mixed with a mixture of lemon zest, mint leaves, and green apple, leads to an extraordinary freshness, subtly intermingled with a touch of vanilla and vibrancy of geranium flowers. The base notes compound form a racy virility, with the intoxicating sensuality of tonka beans, cedorwood, and vetiver. This combination creates a unique and exhilarating scent which catapults you into the captivating world of Versace, expressing the charismatic and triumphant masculinity embodying a stylish man. Versace Eros Aftershave Balm comes in an inviting 3.4 Oz tube, making it ideal for on-the-go application or travel. It is encased in a beautiful turquoise package adorned with the iconic Medusa head, reflecting the strong and passionate character of Eros. How to Use: Apply the Versace Eros Aftershave Balm to the face and neck after shaving. Use daily to condition the skin while enveloping it in the long-lasting scent of Versace Eros. This product is suitable for all skin types and perfect for gifting. Experience the sensation of Eros on your skin and unleash your passion and inner strength! Note: The Versace Eros Aftershave Balm is an original product from the Versace brand. Trade in counterfeit is illegal. Please report any suspicious products to the necessary authorities. Buy now and treat your skin and senses to the irresistible allure of Versace Eros Aftershave Balm!


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