Revlon Lip Scrub Balm, Kiss Sugar Scrub Exfoliator, Long-Lasting Hydration, Sugar Mint, 0.09 Oz



Introducing the Revlon Lip Scrub Balm, your new go-to for kissed-by-sugar lips. Specially designed to give you smooth, nourished lips, this product offers a two-in-one benefit of an exfoliator and a hydrating lip balm that stays put for 24 hours. Crafted with a sugar mint flavor, this scrub balm tantalizes your senses while working wonders on your lips. Its compact size of 0.09 Oz makes it easy to carry and use, anytime and anywhere. Exfoliation & Nourishment: The sugar particles gently exfoliate away dead and dry skin cells, resulting in soft, plump lips. After the exfoliation, the protective balm provides the much-needed hydration, keeping your lips feeling moisturized and healthy all day long. Real Sugar Crystals: The scrub balm is infused with real sugar crystals that ensure a fruitful exfoliation process. These tiny particles help buff away dry and flaky skin to reveal lusciously soft lips beneath. Long Lasting Hydration: The product is formulated with nourishing ingredients that lock in the moisture, offering up to 24 hours of hydration. Minty Fresh Experience: The sugar mint fragrance leaves a refreshing aftertaste – a combination that is sure to be a treat for your lips. Perfect Base for Lip Makeup: This scrub balm also serves as a perfect base that readies your lips for any lipstick application. Make sure you indulge in this luxurious experience before you apply your favourite Revlon lipstick. How to use: Swipe on and rub gently over lips for perfect, kissable lips. Use a tissue to wipe off excess if necessary. Disclaimer: Always perform a patch test to ensure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients used. Upgrade your lip care routine with the Revlon Lip Scrub Balm, and flaunt softer, smoother, and fuller lips that last.


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